Monday, May 20, 2013

Bachelorette: BRIDE Edition

White isn't just for walking down the's perfect for your bachelorette party too. Skip the 'bachelorette sash & crown' and trade them in for a crisp white dress & flower crown. You'll look classic, festive & still be able to show off your personal style. Here at SF we firmly believe that there is NEVER a wrong time to wear a floral crown....however, wedding festivities are <<definitely>> the right time. A simple crown can make you feel like a princess...and that's exactly what you deserve when it pertains to your big day. Don't forget to accessorize....we are going crazy for our one of a kind Chain Crochet pieces right now & their are many styles suitable for any preference. However you choose to celebrate your big day...SF's got you covered; head to toe.

Photography: Eugene Grace
Model: Chanel Gray

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