Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Working Girl Round 2 {Pencil Addition}

Going to work isn't always the most fabulous thing but you can look fabulous...

The outfit above is a perfect mixture of work and play. A classic white button up is never a bad idea...Accompanied by some gold chains- this simple combo makes a statement. Now let's talk about the pencil skirt. We highly praise this piece of clothing. It means business but it keeps your feminine shape. The pop of orange can brighten up any cubicle.

We have coined a new term. The L.B.P.S. (little black pencil skirt). This universal item is vital in any working girls closet. Don't go too little (you are in the office) but don't go too long. Find your happy medium and pair it with practically any blouse. Accompany with a blazer or stick to a pressed collar shirt. 

Embrace the pencil. 

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