Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kimonos and Tea

Kimonos are a synonymous with grace and poise. The traditional Japanese garment has gained popularity with festival goers and all things bohemian and spring, but for centuries the kimono has been worn for anything from weddings to casual tea time. So take some time away from busy festival season to slow down, wrap up in your favorite kimono, and enjoy a cup of traditional tea and the crisp spring air.

Dark Oolong
Oolong tea is a type of semi-oxidized tea, produced in China and Taiwan. The best oolong tea is hand-picked during the spring and winter seasons and processed entirely by hand using traditional techniques. Oolong tea exhibits aspects of both green and black teas and offers the greatest range of flavors, from the light floral green style to the sweet richness of the dark style. Oolong teas are full-bodied, smooth tasting and benefit from multiple infusions, according to thefragrantleaf.com.

Try a dark kimono to fit your Oolong mood. Pair our Understated Fringe Kimono with an edgy top or go monochrome and pair with black pants and a flowy black top. For sweet richness, throw in a pop of dark color, like a deep red lip, or a striking statement necklace. Perfect for stormy spring days, steeping tea inside as you watch the clouds darken.

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Sweet White
White tea is produced mostly in China and is made from leaf buds that are covered with white hairs. The new white tea buds are plucked before they open in early spring, then withered and dried slowly at low temperatures. White tea is not rolled and is only slightly oxidized. The result is a tea with a mild, fresh flavor and natural sweetness. A recent study found that white tea contains a high concentration of cancer-inhibiting polyphenols, according to thefragrantleaf.com.

For mornings when the flowers are in bloom, the clouds are full like cotton, and the world smells like roses, take your sweet time and savor a little teacup of sweet white tea in this Beautiful Dreamer Lace Kimono. Pair with light florals or pastels for that idyllic spring ensemble, and a simple and delicate necklace.

Green Tea
Green Tea is the most widely produced and consumed type of tea in China and Japan. The highest quality green teas are picked during the early spring and then processed by hand. After picking, the leaves are pan fired or steamed to preserve their freshness. Rich in Vitamin C and low in caffeine, green teas offer a rich variety of flavor and aroma. Our loose leaf green tea selection includes traditionally crafted, single-origin teas from China, Japan and India as well as signature blends, according to thefragrantleaf.com.

Bring on the day! Switch your daily cup o’ joe for a soothing cup of green tea in the morning. You’ll be naturally awakened to the wonders of the world. Throw on the Join the Fray Kimono for a fresh day running errands, in the office, or out with friends.

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