Friday, May 1, 2015

Behind The Hustle + Head Wraps

As you might have already seen, this lovely snap popped up on our 
Instagram about a week ago with the ever-so elusive caption "Behind the Scenes". 
Behind the scenes? What is SF up to??... Fear no more. We are spilling the 
juicy details right here with a behind the scenes recap!


A Gypsy State of Mind. The name speaks for itself. 
Florals, head wraps, and jewels galore! 
The photo shoot took a team of five fearless sf girls 
(and two horses!) to style, plan, and capture the bohemian vision. 

Adorned in beaded chokers, delicate head wraps, and relaxing silhouettes, 
our model captivated the full essence of a gypsy daydream. 

Tess even made a friend!


A Gypsy State of Mind is coming soon. 
Keep an eye out!

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