Friday, June 19, 2015


Friday's. There is simply nothing better. Just the word "Friday" puts a smile on everyone's face. You can practically taste the weekend & might be lacking some inspiration to push through until that 5:00 dream time. Here's a few ways we, here at SF, stay inspired on our pre-weekend days.

For starters.. Stay Positive. You're almost there. The weekend is approaching. Head up.
 Look at some pretty sketches to get your mind on the right track of that "inspired thinking" mindset.
 Big City Lights. Lace Skirts. Fringe Jackets. Those three things get our creative juices flowing.
 Pretty Little Things || think about that relaxing pool-side or porch swing drink you're going to have. It will help, we promise.
 Listen to killer music. It can subconsciously get your brain moving & be inspired without even knowing it!
Happy Weekend, SF babes.

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