Monday, November 9, 2015

How to Not Kill Your Houseplants

In full disclosure - I have killed so many wonderful houseplants. This blog post is literally coming from someone who until recently hasn't been able to keep houseplants alive. But I've learned so much along the way!

Location is key.
For years I have been renting different places without adequate lighting. This never stopped me from buying plants that needed full sunlight. Why did I ever think it would be ok to add a lovely cactus to my gloomy apartment? We will never know.

Did you know that most plants come with directions? This is important, read them. Buy plants based on the light available in your home. Also, once they make it home, keep them exactly where they are. Your plant will thrive in a PERMANENT location.

Water your plants.
Sounds easy enough, right? I have always struggled with a good watering schedule. It seems like all of my plants need different schedules! I recently ended up buying those little glass globes that you fill with water and leave in your plants. It has made such a difference for me! Now I keep these in my plants that need to be watered frequently (because lets face it - I will just never be able to get on that schedule). For my cactuses, I just try to avoid watering as long as possible. Neglect is key. I am very good at this schedule and have been for years.

More water isn't always the answer. 
Root rot is a real thing. I've lost many plants to root rot. Have you fallen victim to a cute pinterest-worthy pot without a draining hole at the bottom? Be careful! This is one of the fastest ways to kill your plants.

I'm not kidding. My houseplants drink coffee. Add diluted coffee to your plants that enjoy acidic soil. Diluted coffee adds organic fertilizer to encourage healthier plants. I normally just throw in that little last bit of coffee left in the cup that nobody wants anymore. Just be sure not to do this too often and don't add coffee directly from your cup if you add cream or sugar - I just can't imagine a plant liking that.

Tip: If a piece of your cactus ever breaks off, just stick in a pot. That's what happened to this little guy and now he has roots and recently just almost doubled in size! 

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