Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Breaking out of a work outfit rut

It's just too easy to fall into a routine of grabbing those same black trousers you've had for years and one of the 4 rotating HR-appropriate blouses. Styling a work look that you love AND one that works with office standards is hard to keep up with. We want to help you break out of this style rut ASAP. Let's change up the office style staples and introduce fun new looks that you will love.

1. Spice up the basic blouse with a vibrant color. Try the Ruffled Babydoll Blouse.

2. Floral-ize your outfit with a lightweight blazer. Try the Better with Time Blazer.

3. Make a statement and mix up the basic black trousers. Try the Line Wire Flare Pant.

4. Have fun with your layers! Why are offices always cold? Keep a warm sweater handy - try this Poncho Perfect Sweater.

5. Spice up your bag. Find a bag that is large enough for your laptop AND a days supply of snacks. ;) Try this New Age Aztec Tote.

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