Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Introducing : THE BANDANA

Or rather, re-introducing the bandana as spring's new best friend. 

One of the reasons that we can't get enough of this bandana trend is it's endless variability. There are so many ways to wear a bandana this spring and it's all so right. 
  • Wrap a bandana around your handbag.
  • Tie it in your hair to rock Rosie the Riveter's best accessory. 
  • Tie it around your neck - leave the tie in front OR hide the tie in the back for more of a choker effect. You can also wear a high collared neck over your bandana which will make your bandana look like a turtle neck. 
  • Fold it diagonal and tie behind your neck for the classic bandit look.
  • Tie it around your wrist or ankle. 
  • Use your back pocket to show off the corner of a bandana. 
  • Tie a bandana around the end of a braid OR add the bandana into your braid to give your braid even MORE VOLUME. 

Discover your own way to wear a bandana. You just can't go wrong AND it's so exciting every time you discover a new way to embrace this spring's best trend. Grab one here.

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